Each system has backup capability built in. In the case of catastrophic failure of the first two systems there is a 3rd level backup: very special internet streams coded in HE-AAC+. These extroardinary sounding streams are another layer in the programming backup strategy.

The PubStar

The PubStar is the receiver we developed in concert with ENCO Systems. This is our high end product and is capable of delivering up to 16 formats simultainously. The PubStar is constantly receiving data over the internet and storing information days in advance of broadcast time. Analog and AES outputs, Wheatstone IP or AXIA node capability, this is truly state of the art content delivery. Up to 128 contact closures can be used for automation interface.

Streaming Receiver

The streaming receiver is our lower cost option. It is a Barix 1000 unit equipped with special firmware to provide high quality low latency performance. End-to-end latency is one second from real time. 4 dry closues provides full automation interface. AES Digital and Analog outputs. 4 gig flash drive provides up to 4 days of backup programming.

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The streaming system using the special Barix firmware was tested extensively by us over a 4-month period in 2011. We found the performance of this system to be excellent, far improved from earlier versions of the Barix device. We think you'll be pleased too.


We offer 24/7 support for our services. From custom production work and fundraising hours to any receiver issues. Nights, weekends, holidays. We are always reachable.

Each and every station has the CEO's personal cell number. We are serious about support. Remember, this is not a sideline for us. This is what we do.

NEW! We are now available on the PRSS satellite system as well as our IP delivery system. Same receivers you already get NPR on.